How To Make Your Weekend In Colombo Exciting!

Retreat during the sweltering morning sun, or take a chilly dip in the ocean at Mount Lavinia Beach. This is an excellent spot to meet up with buddies, fly kites, or simply chill with a drink in hand. The beach is also one of the places to visit thanks to this setting, at Colombo for couples. Come sundown, the bars and restaurants which line the beachfront come alive and several EDM parties have been held in this area. To find out dates and time, keep an eye on media.

Chill out at Barefoot (or some other cafe! ) )

Cafe culture has actually picked up in the city, and there’s no shortage of places to go that provide a nice cup of latte, but a few good entertainments as well. The barefoot cafe has many options in the quiz night held every Wednesday, to live jazz performances at noon. If they’re showcasing a new artist, you may even be able to pop in the gallery to view the work. Other cafes like Barista, Bakes by Bella and Aura Cafe hold microphone night performances that are open at least once a month since those aren’t routine, check out their Facebook pages gigs. Gather with other poets about the first Sunday of the month at Hansa cafe, from 2 pm onward for Poetry Pilau if you’re a poetry buff – you sit back and listen to readings or simply may read your work. As a result of cafes Colombo’s weekend occasions, such as these choices are increasing.

Wander the streets of Pettah

Researching the streets of Pettah could be fun Even though this might not be the point on your list of places to visit in Colombo. Full of smells, colours and sound – stalls filled with colourful handbags and sarees plunge into the chaos which makes up Pettah, from rows of shops, or open markets where you’ll find designer knock offs. People see as they go about their day selling and purchasing everything under the sun. When the chaos around you begins to get duck into one of those Bombay Sweet houses for piping beef samosas and a tall icy faluda, before venturing out.

Go on a Weekend Break

If you’re in the mood to travel, then head out of the city on a weekend break. Sri Lanka has plenty of travel destinations on offer, from cheap villas around the shore across the golden beaches of Bentota and Hikkaduwa to cosy bungalows amid Nuwara Eliya in the hill country and Hatton’s lush mountains.

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